Slendro StyleReporter

A must have plug-in.

StyleReporter places Style name Labels for each story in the InDesign Document. It can label Paragraph Styles and Character Styles. All labels are put on separate layer and a character style is assigned to the labels so that users can customize labels according to their needs.

Slendro Plug-in can also export style sheets as a tabulated report. Report includes attributes like Font, Weight/Style, Size, Leading, Space Above, Space Below, Underline, Color, Tint, Hyphenation etc.

Slendro PictureReporter

PictureReporter places labels on top of images used in the InDesign Document with Image information. The image information is created in a separate layer and can therefore be turned on and switched off when need. PictureReporter is also capable of exporting image usage information as CSV file. In this way you will always have a general view of the images used in a production file.

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